The Youth and Family Ministry Program at Lincoln Christian University prepares apprentices of Jesus to become LEADING SERVANTS who discover and develop the necessary core competencies to serve the Church in a variety of ministry settings (birth to college age youth ministers, specific age-level ministers [e.g., middle school minister], family minister or next-gen minister, associate ministers working with youth, church-related organizations, campus minister, in urban and international settings and related areas).

Students develop a theologically-grounded philosophy of ministry that will guide their minds, hearts, and acquired skills in being faithful and relevant in empowering LEADING SERVANTS, partnering with families, and cultivating sustainable environments for the spiritual formation of adolescent disciples.

By graduation each Youth and Family Ministry Student is a LEADING SERVANT who LOVES students and their families by

  • LEADING competently, cultivating sustainable environments and practices so that catalytic spiritual formation and wise ministry administration naturally occur (Acts 6:1-4, Eph. 4:11-16, Col. 3:17, 23-24).

  • ORIENTING intrinsically, articulating God’s Word faithfully through innovative creativity (preaching, teaching, & learning experiences) that produces life-long discipleship (Col. 1:28-29, Col. 4:3-6, 2 Tim. 3:14-17).

  • VALUING compassionately, relating empathetically and lovingly, developing safe, empowering, and interdependent communities of whole and holy soul care (Mark 12:31, Phil. 2:1-5, I Thess. 2:8).

  • EXAMINING curiously, exegeting cultures, particularly adolescent trends, texts, and paradigms seeking thick and multileveled understanding through a biblical worldview, responding lovingly on the redemptive edge (Acts 17, 2 Cor. 10:3-5, I Peter 2:11-12).

  • SERVING humbly, seeking first the Kingdom of God as an apprentice of Jesus, confidently using gifts and talents, and modeling a Christlike, emotionally healthy life (Matt. 6:33, Mark 10:43-45, Mark 12:30).

Simply said, we seek to develop Professional Competency, sharpen Creative Communication, ignite Compassionate Relational Chemistry, ignite Curios Biblical & Cultural Exploration, and shape Christlike Character that results in a deep trust for God and a humble confidence in themselves to equip the saints for the work of ministry, impact the lives of students, and live on the redemptive edge of culture with a voice and a presence to doing what matters

Courses that I currently teach:

Undergraduate School

  • YM100 Orienteering for Youth and Family Ministry
  • YM211 Foundations for Youth and FamilyMinistry
  • YM213 Creative Communication for Ministry
  • YM325 Relational Dynamics for Youth and Family Ministry
  • YM326 Nuts and Bolts for Youth and Family Ministry
  • YM327 Social Issues for Youth and Family Ministry
  • YM480 Mathetes: Spiritual Formation. A Senior Level Capstone

Hargrove School of Adult Studies

•    HS295 Dynamics of Self Leadership