RE:calibrate provides mentoring, consulting, and training for leaders and teams in order to develop healthy transformational and sustainable ministry. Everything is customized to your needs.

Schedule a comprehensive ministry consultation to diagnose health and define reality.

Book a ReCalibrate Student Ministry Insitute Experience. Choose how you will experience the eight sessions to equip your team to word toward ministry health and together become the dynamic leaders your church and community needs. Post-Institute coaching is available.

Speaking/Training Engagements

Thank you for your interest in having me participate in your event. I prayerfully evaluate each request in regard to strategic Kingdom impact and with consideration with my family and teaching load.

To make a request, complete form below with the following information, and I will contact as soon as possible.

  • Your name, email, phone number
  • In the Comments on Request, include the following:
    • Organization name, address (street, city, state, zip)
    • Event title, focus, and a clear objective to be accomplished when event is complete
    • What is needed from me: teaching, preaching, consulting (one or all)
    • Possible topics/subject of teaching (see below or provide your own)
    • Event date and times, and length of each event segments
    • Audience demographics
    • Travel issues (distance, time change, road construction, favored airport, etc. )

Again, thank you for your interest.


Honorarium and travel fees are negotiable.

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Below are teachings and presentations that are currently available.  Specific topics/teachings can be developed for your particular situation and need. If you want me to preach, provide that information when you contact me.

ReCalibrate Consulting

  • Diagnosing Your Church and/or Youth Ministry’s Health (Conducted with Elders, Staff, and key leaders) – Take a hard look at the health of your ministry discerning
  • Staff Conflict Intervention (working with elders, senior leaders, youth minister and hoping to salvage ministry credibility and impact)

ReCalibrate: Student Ministry Institute

Instead of taking some of your team to a large conference this year, why not bring a personalized, interactive conference to your whole team.

  • Instilling Healthy Team Dynamics – Examining the key elements necessary for a healthy team to function most effectively.
  • Examining Adolescent Culture – How can we incarnate ourselves and relate with these natives understanding and speaking in their native worldview and language. It is living “between two tabs.”
  • Cultivating a Growing Ministry Ecology
  • Understanding Adolescent Development – When all you have is a hammer and nail, then everything is fixed with swing.  Student problems aren’t all “fixed” with a spiritual hammer.  They are much more complex than that AND in developing and progressive stages.  Miss this, and you miss the understanding and its like sending off your students to navigate the world of college and adult faith without a paddle and a rudder to steer!
  • Fostering Relational Youth Ministry – Drug Dealers and Cool Hunters spend more time “incarnating” themselves and getting to know students than many youth leaders and parents.  Fail here, fail in everything else…. and maybe even lose your job!  This is a focus on practical and necessary mindsets and regular actions.
  • Developing Life-Changing Student Learning Being a Great Small Group Leader by writing and asking great Questions in order to create a healthy “hothouse” environment/atmosphere where discovery learning and adolescent spiritual growth can naturally occur.
  • Aiding Emotional Hygiene & First-Aid through Basic Counseling/mentoring – Everyone can be equipped with basic skills to help students deal with the emotional hurts
  • Transforming Letter-Jacket Faith – Working with your team and your parents to prepare your HS graduates to have their own flexible faith to be a lifelong apprentice of Jesus instead of taking off their letter-jacket brittle faith on the first day of college.

Other Leadership and Youth Ministry Staff Training Sessions/Events

  • Moving Students from Sand to Rock in a Postmodern Culture – A Philosophical and practical exploration of developing ethical decision factors in the lives of teens. Just how do they decide what they should do? It’s not because you told them God said to!
  • Seeing the Big Picture with Students who are Atheist to Authentic Disciples – Analyzing the needs, necessary actions, and things to avoid in developing a holistic youth ministry.
  • Authentic Leadership Community: Embracing Conflict and Different Perspectives – Just because you get along, doesn’t mean AT ALL that you have community.
  • Strategies and Paradigms for Effective & Efficient Time Management
  • Big Picture YM Program Planning – Advanced planning, backdating, specific event planning so you will be prepared, the secretary on board, the janitor relieved, the parents informed, and the students engaged to grow… instead of all of those being incredibly frustrated with you!!!!!!
  • Theology and Youth Ministry – Foundational.  What you believe WILL influence everything you do.
  • Empower Parents as the Real Youth Ministers – being sure that the youth ministry exists for the parents and not the other way around.
  • Herding Cats: Dealing with Tough Kids (Positive and discipling discipline)
  • Custom designed for your staff

Youth Teaching/Events

  • Colossians: Living in the Kingdom – an exegetical look at living an uncompartmentalized life
  • Living Under the Umbrella of Grace – Dealing with faith-shaking questions
  • Relating to “THEM” – Connecting with postmodern people
  • Biblical Dating and Sexuality –  a practical and wise presentation on how to handle all those hormones!
  • Purity Ball Presentation – Daddy/daughter get togethers
  • Make My Life a Prayer to You (Living a  24/7 prayer life)
  • Packing Up for the University – What do I need to prepare for before I go to college (being spiritually ready)
  • Understanding Why My Parents Are So Mean! – This is a very interactive session to help your students better understand the WHYs of their Parents WHATs and HOWs.
  • Custom designed for your students

Parenting Seminars

  • Raising Kids with Durable Faith – Since we have 18 yrs to get our children ready for life, we can’t wait until the month before they head off to college to teach them how to do laundry, handle finances, prepare for retirement, to think wisely, and how to live life as an adult disciple and lifelong apprentice of Jesus; we better have a 18 year plan. It may take that long for some!
  • Setting Boundaries; Building Relationships – Striking the balance (no, the tension!) of Boundaries and Trust
  • Loving the Hard to Love – Dealing with the prodigal and the pre-prodigal
  • Caring to Communicate about Things That Matter
  • Custom designed for your parents

Corporation/Business Leadership Development

  • What Matters Most – This seminar is a great way to take a step back to look at the big picture and determine what matters most for your organization. Explore barriers to functionality and clarity in vision and implementations.
  • Conflict Metamorphosis – This seminar leads participants to explore the value and necessity for healthy communities that have a life and creativity producing culture and guides them to evaluate and develop a plan to have such a culture where the best can happen.
  • Developing Sound and Wise Responses to Systemically Challenging Problems. We can do more damage when we apply the wrong solution strategy to a complex problem.


If desired, download my picture and/or my bio for publication.

Pic: Download the pic that best fits your publication: http://ow.ly/4vjO304qF9h 

Bio: Rondel is passionate about living an authentic life in the Kingdom of God and preparing the next wave of servant leaders in their journey to making lifelong disciples of Jesus. He is the Program Director and Professor of the Youth and Family Ministry Department and teaches Christian Ministry classes at Lincoln Christian University, Lincoln IL. Rondel loves partnering with churches to provide leadership development, mentor training, Parent encouragement, and church consulting. He is completing a Doctorate in Spiritual Formation focusing on mentoring young leaders to have both spiritual and emotional health in leadership. Prior to coming to LCU in 2001, he was the youth minister at Central Church of Christ in Streator IL for 15 years. Rondel and his wife, Jennifer (May 1984), have two grown children, Zach (and his wife Betsy) and Abbie. His passions are spending time with his family, woodworking, riding bikes, landscaping, anything that has to do with creativity, and developing mature Leading Servants who honor God in all they do. 

What I will need:

  • Video Projector Access (HDMI cable. I have a Mac adapter and 6′ HDMI cable) I would like to control my laptop for this one with my wireless remote.
  • Wireless Internet Access
  • Sound Access for Video Clips – 1/8″ sound jack to plug into my computer
  • Whiteboard/chalkboard – large enough for all participants to see
  • New Markers and Eraser
  • Round tables for discussion groups (if possible)
  • I will send a PDF file that should be copied for all participants