• – The Net Bible is a new translation that includes translator’s notes that help us understand the difficulty of translation and necessity for careful study of the Bible.  It provides Greek and Hebrew insights which help to put us in the setting and times of the of the original readers.
  • – another great source of biblical studies.


  • Blogging (can be a website too) – – A great way to get started in the blogging world. Express yourself. You could use Blogger by Google, but I feel that has more options.


  • Address Book Sync (Mac Users) – Use this download to sync Facebook pics and bdays with Apple Mail.
  • Backup Files from Moxy – Get 2 Gig of free back up in an offsite location.  Back up your most important documents!
  • Basic Tips and Ideas – PC World offers a great section devoted to helping people get the most from their computer experience. Check out if you want to know how to subscribe to an RSS feed or other great ideas.
  • Dropbox – this is a great way to share files or back up files.  You get 2 GB free. Click on the link as a referral and you’ll get an extra 250MB.  Syncs with iPhone (app).
  • Evernote – a great idea catcher and journal software. Syncs with iPhone (app).
  • PDF to WORD conversion – If you want to convert a PDF file to a word doc, this is your link! It is a great tool.
  • PDF maker. Go to to get a free program to make PDFs
  • Skype – Video calling – Free internet calling

CREATIVE DESIGN (Video, Editing)

  • Fonts Galore from – A gazillion free downloadable fonts
  • Handbrake – Video Downloader for Mac
  • Jing – Screen capture. This is a great program to capture your screen shot and then edit and save them.
  • Post YouTube Video into PowerPoint (PC, not Mac)- want to put a YouTube video into PowerPoint? Watch this YouTube video!
  • Easy YouTube Video Downloader Firefox Add-on. Downloads and converts YouTube videos to FLV and MP4 seamlessly. This Firefox add-on will put a link under the embedding codes on the YouTube page of the video you are wanting to use.  Save the clip.  It will be saved to the default location as designated by your computer’s settings.   Save it in your movie clip folder.  Insert movie into your PowerPoint.


  • Calculators – This page is full of useful financial calculators. I know nothing of the Financial group providing this service. It is just a great page!
  • Financial Software – and Money Well work on the envelope system. They are different from Quicken and other financial tracking software.
  • Online Savings/banking – Online banks can provide a much better rate of return. The following sites are my choices. They are all FDIC insured. They are all pretty competitive with each other. HSBCEmigrant Direct, or ING Direct.
  • Dave Ramsey – Get help and wisdom for starting out or getting back to financial health.


  • Urban Legends – Go to to see if that forward for your Aunt Betsy is a legitimate concern, offer, or prayer request.  If it is suspicious, it is probably false.  Don’t get duped by all the creative scam artist.  Check it out at Truth or Fiction!



  1. Interview Help (Resume suggestions and questions you should be prepared to answer and ones that you should ask when going to an interview)


  • iCam – Surveillance software.  Go to the Apple Store and get the iCam app for your iPhone or iPod touch, then go to and download the software for your computer(s).
  • Logos Bible Software – you can access your account if you have Logos.  Or you can just access a ton of free resources.
  • Toodledo – It syncs with the web-based program Toodledo.  Absolutely a must.


  • Planning Center – This online planning software is a great tool for teams to plan worship services involving a multiple of people.  You can add mp3s and chord charts and speaker notes, etc.  Everyone can print off their own cue sheet.
  • – Need to Txt all your students at once? Try this.  There is a fee.
  • Online StopWatch – Need a countdown timer?


  • Bookmark Organization – is a great way to organize all of your online pages so that you can access them from several computers.
  • Book organization – Delicious Library – A fun way to organize your books, DVDs, tools, etc. $40
  • Sharing Docs – Google Docs – This is great for teams working on collaborative projects or preachers wanting to write sermons together.


  • Snapfish – This is a great program for photo storing, sharing, and creating of photographic products. Unlimited storage as long as you make one order per year.
  • Flickr – Another great site of photo storage and sharing. There ares some great shots that you can see from others as well.


  • Assignment Planner for Mac – Enter all assignments, projects, due dates for all classes so you don’t forget anything.
  • Studyminder Lite for Windows – Download this free Assignment Planner
  • – This is a great, free online task manager. It can utilize Franklin Covey and Getting Things Done planning characteristics. You can download an app for iPhone as well.  After you go to the website and set up an account, click HERE for PowerPoint slides that I made that will walk you through the set up process.


  • Grammar help from The Owl at Purdue – use this site to help your writing skills improve!