“I’m a 21st century human being trying to make sense of my reality using the Christian faith”
~ John Castelein

Jesus said that He came that we may have life and have it overflowing.
That was the point of God incarnating Himself in our world.
I honor Him by living this kingdom life to the fullest and reflecting on all that I see and do. 

I am the Program Director and Professor for the Youth Ministry department at Lincoln Christian University and have been since July 2001. Besides my responsibilities with youth ministry, I also teach Dynamics of Self-Leadership and several Youth Ministry Courses in the Hargrove School, the adult completion school of our University. I graduated from Johnson Bible College in 1986 and received a Master of Arts in Preaching and New Testament from JBC in 1999. I am currently pursuing an M.Div degree from Lincoln Christian Seminary (expected grad date, May 2011). Prior to coming to LCU, I served as part time youth minister at Eastern Hills Christian Church, High Point NC and Mt. Moriah Christian Church, Standford KY, and as an intern at Bethany Christian Church, Anderson IN. Following graduation from JBC, I became the youth minister at Central Church of Christ in Streator IL. The 15 years I spent with the disciples in Streator was fantastic. I still consider Streator as my home. I am married to Jennifer (May 19, 1984). We are blessed with two wonderful children: Zach (1.11.89) and Abbie (8.28.97).  We have 16 (and counting) pond gold fish. Zach married Betsy on 1.4.14.

This is a picture of the pond in our backyard that Zach and I built in the summer of 2005.

Our Pond of Relaxation and Beauty