Longing for old fences

There was a time, in the not-too-distant past, when all the people lived in communities surrounded by a fence and several gates. Each community maintained their fence and their gates. Everything flowed through the gates. He who controlled the gates held the power & influence. In these communities, the gatekeepers (those who controlled the gates) enjoyed the people’s favor, and they became wealthy which in turn enabled them to employ and pay the people. 

A few years ago, a strange new phenomenon swept through these communities in recent years and all of them have experienced the fiercest of storms, unparalleled and with devastating effects. These storms have unleashed new dynamics and unprecedented freedoms. This barrier flattening storm completely wiped out all the fences and the gates. Gatekeepers scrambled to re-erect the old gates in order to regain their power and influence, hoping the people wouldn’t notice the disruption to their community where the fences and gates have all been destroyed. For a few years, it worked. People loyally and habitually went through the old gates even though they could have just as easily passed through the empty spaces where the fences once stood. 

Currently, people are growing more aware that their communities have no fences which has caused all the old gatekeepers to bark, beg, and even berate the people, in order to try to force them go through their gates. Many people blindly obey them, although that number is dwindling as quickly as the fences are falling down. New paths are being formed based not on where an old gate was but on what a person values or on what a new gathering of people decide. 

Former great gatekeepers continue to look for new ways to get people to travel through their gates, but the old motivational ways just do not work any longer. 

Many gatekeepers have already stopped trying. Others are desperately striving to hold on, some are even not even acknowledging the absence of fences. 

Many wonder aloud just what will happen to the people when there are no more fences and no more gates and no more ways to gain power, influence, and a way to make a living. 

And they long for a world with fences.

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