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Light_wavesFor the past year or so, I have been exploring and studying chemistry, physics, and all forms of scientific discovery as my mind curiously desires to go. I ask questions and then explore. Yesterday, I was reading more about how atoms work in relation with the periodic table and the interaction of the different elements. This am, my questions took me to the different layers of our atmosphere above the main earth ball surface. As I was reading about how the Rayleigh scattering, describing why the sky appears blue and why the sunsets and rises appear with a red. The article prompted my mind to explore the spectrum and lengths of light wave (red is longer and violet is shorter). The article talked about when they are seen together, they form white. After all the ideas from swarming around my head about the composition of gases that we breath (staying in a constant ratio), the incredible understanding of hydrogen and helium (in the sun and all around), the different forms that carbon is understood (from soft graphite to hard diamonds), etc. etc.

So after all of this, I am sitting in McDs hoping to grade papers but can’t because my mind is racing due to curiosity, I read this stuff about light waves. I start crying.. in McDs. I am overwhelmed at the incredible place we get to live in for a few short years and then our bodies die allowing the process to continue, while, by faith I believe, our souls (that divine spark in all of us) metaphysically transition to be with God fully. Wow. Wow. Wow.

I am overwhelmed at the intricacies of this world/universe. We don’t even understand 1/2 of how all of it really works. Much is at best assumptions. I want to see the inner workings of atom’s neutrons, protons, and electrons. Scientist are just now developing instruments to see what is going on at the atomic level.

Here is also part of the emotional food. I am mad. I am mad that I didn’t pay more attention in elementary, Jr. High, and High school. I am reading 3rd grade websites and am fascinated. I can’t even understand much of the heavy science I am reading. I haven’t a clue about reality. I haven’t an understanding of how all of this works. It is so fascinating, though, that I can’t get enough. I want even more to explore chemistry, physics, and all fields of science. I don’t have time! But, wow, it is so cool to explore how God created me to ask questions, form ideas, reflect on my smallness and His wisdom, to type this reflection out and then to be filled with emotion at all of its grandeur!

I am overwhelmed and in awe. Worship is living life. My devo time today was God’s World. Wow.

Back to worshipping God through grading papers.

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