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creation-square-600Give it just one more try.

When you lose something, like a sock or a cell phone, it’s always in the last place you look. If you give up too quickly, you could determine that the sock or phone is forever gone. Just one more try may find it. The same is true for God. Just one more look may do it.

I so hope that many who gave up on God or a church because of whatever reason in the past (it was probably legit) might try just 1 more time this weekend somewhere.

I get it. Belief in God is a bit hard sometimes. I struggle with doubt too. But the miracle that we are here on this planet, proves that something’s going on. I ask what Pink Floyd asked, “Is Anybody out there?” and I see his fingerprints everywhere.

We all have belief in an ultimate reality of some sort. No one lives in a vacuum. “No God” doesn’t answer any major question of reality. Random chance? I know that science pretends to answer questions but how can a discipline focused on the physical address metaphysical issues (beyond what we can see, touch, smell, hear, & taste).

Is this all there is? It just can’t be. All of this incredible world couldn’t have just happened by accident. No way.

Consider the big bang starting from absolutely nothing… that takes incredible faith which is beyond science. Nothing exploding into wonder and design and beauty?

When God said, “Let there be light,” that would have been a huge big bang from nothing to the capacity of energy. Yep, it’s faith to believe that God was before the nothing that led to order and design. How can a naturalistic view of reality account for all that we have going on around us?

We are flying on this big blue ball traveling 67,000 mph around the sun, spinning at 1000 mph, 93 million miles from the sun, tilted on a 23 degree axis (with just the right amount of gravity), as we breathe 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen & 1% a variety of other gases. Crazy!

Consider our desire for significance, yawns, memories, balance-standing upright, white blood cells constantly fighting disease, geese flight patterns, plumb & level, thinking new thoughts, guilt, tickling & laughter, musical perfect pitch, 16.8M. colors, nose hairs, fingerprints, baby to adult teeth, 17 step blood clot process, music and its appreciation, pooping (how did chance get that one right to keep just enough nutrients and dispel the rest?), attraction & sex, seasons and rhythms of life, constant laws of nature, wonder, asking questions about asking questions, being aware of being aware, a mind in addition to our brain.

Just maybe, it was God. Just try one more time.

It may be awkward and weird and scary. Truth be told, it’s hard. I really do get that. Christians in some churches don’t always love and extend grace. Most are just trying to cover up for their own questions. You probably have a 1000 questions, so do I. I may have more. However, when I pay attention and look around, I come back to looking for Him again and I wade into the tension of the reality of questions and faith… that is where reality is. Only God has all the answers and sees how all the dots are connected. Some days, I can only connect a dozen dots. Other days, less than that. But I connect them. It is a journey, and it really is fun…It’s like a treasure hunt we played as kids. I hate it when someone blurts out the answer to a riddle or tells how the movie ended. That is what makes this life so valuable and a joy. Curious discovery. In a maze, you may go down a dead end and have to back track. But we don’t give up. We keep seeking first His kingdom… and more and more we find Him and what He is doing.

I know you can meet God anywhere and don’t have to attend an Easter service at a church, but I just hope that you can find a local church body and show up… I believe that God will meet you there.

Give it one more try.

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