To live is to worship God; why do we “go to church”? //blog

feet-walkingPs139:8 “If I go up to the heavens, you are there; if I make my bed in the depths, you are there.” Funny how an old covenant guy gets new covenant Christianity better than some new covenant disciples today!

Here is my take on Ps 139: If I go to the store, you are there. If I am at a movie, you are there. If I am at work, you are there. If I’m at school, you are there. If I surf the web, you are there. If I cook or clean or paint a wall or play cards, you are there. If I go to a volleyball game, you are there. If I am with family, you are there.

We don’t gather with worshipping communities every week to meet with God (that’s so old covenant) or because it authenticates that the ministry of the leader is one of God (not logical for closed country pastors) or for spiritual brownie points (Christ gave us on the cross all the points we need) or so we can beat last year attendance numbers.

We gather because we are free and can, for encouragement to one another, to celebrate His works, to declare His goodness, for reminders of His death & resurrection, to spur one another to good deeds. Oh, He will be there. But we don’t gather to just meet with God, that happens everywhere we are and go…for He is there.

May all worshipping communities be full this weekend of disciples who see God everywhere and decide to gather together to celebrate Him because we can, not to just see God. Look around and pay attention, we have all week to do that!

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